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Kansas City Architectural & Interior Photographer

Architecture is inhabited sculpture. - Constantin Brancusi

  • How To Prepare For A Successful Photography Session?
    1. Be sure to book a photography session early and as far out as possible on the calendar. A booking consists of three things: • A date • A time • A confirmation between all involved. When those three things are on my calendar, no one can take your spot. However, if I have a date but no time and/or confirmation, the session will not be placed on my calendar. I also require any changes to be made 24 hours prior to the session. 2. Ask your client to have the areas to be photographed made "photography ready". • Spaces must be cleared of clutter. We are looking for the minimalist look. • Clean windows/glass/mirrors • Remove items you don't want photographed, like family photos. • Turn off all TVs, clean the screen, keep the screen black or use a still photo of the logo. • Clean floors as foot prints can be seen in photos. • Let employees, workers, etc know the area is going to be photographed and needs to be clear of anyone not wanting to be in the photo. It this is not possible, schedule a time of day when people will not be there. Another option is for people to leave the area for 10 or 15 minutes while we photograph. • Remove banners and signage.
  • What Are Your Rates?
    Julie Legg Photography will work with your budget as much as possible. Rates are founded on the time and skill it takes to complete an entire project from the photography session to the post production. It is not unusual for post production work to consume even more time than the photography. The Photography Session Fee also includes a non-exclusive and non-transferable standard licensing rights for all your marketing and social media (photo credit required for social media only). Please call or email for pricing.
  • What Is Cost-Sharing? Do You Offer Discounts?
    Cost-sharing is a multi-party arrangement where the total cost of a project is shared by the contributing partners according to an agreed upon formula. For instance you might work with an architect, an engineer, a contractor, a product manufacturer, an interior designer, etc. I charge a licensing fee for each additional partner, then divide the total fee by the number of parties involved, which leads to huge savings for all. I do not offer discounts, but cost-sharing is the path to reduce fees for your project and anyone else who is interested in using the photos to promote their business or product. The more people you can include, the cheaper it gets for everyone. Your partners will be grateful you included them!
  • Do You Offer Day Rates?
    Julie Legg Photography prices by the project not by the hour or day. Each project is different and takes a different amount of time from the photography session to post production. Many interior photography sessions only take about 2 hours. I photograph a lot of offices and my methods cause the least amount of disturbance to those who are working, mainly because I do not use a massive amount of lights which require a lot of set up and take down. I will use a fill flash as needed. I often spend more time in post production than I do in the acutal photography session due to skill, experience and approach.
  • Who Owns The Images?
    All of my images are the intellectual property of Julie Legg Photography LLC. I retain the copyrights to all the images I create per Federal Copyright Law. Images are licensed to all clients for specific use. I require all new clients to sign a brief one-page license agreement before a photography session. It is very similiar to ownership of computer software. If you "buy", Microsoft Office, you don't technically own it. You've simply purchased a license for use on your computer. If you want to install the same software on other computers you will need to buy a license from Microsoft for each computer.
  • Can I Share The Images With Others?
    Third-party usage is not included in my licensing agreements. Others interested in using the images must obtain permission either through multi-party cost sharing licensing before the photography session or purchase a stock photography license from Julie Legg Photography after the session to avoid infringement.
  • Can I Post The Images To Social Media?
    Yes, I want your project to get as much traction as possible and social media usage is included in my licensing agreements. I do ask that you give a photo credit for all social media posts as follows: @jleggphoto
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